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Supervised Practice

Find out more about the Supervised Practice / Dietetic Internship application process here.

Nutrition Careers

As a "Degreed Nutritionist," without the RDN, you have many career options!

Additional Resources

A collection of "favorites," etc.


This section contains  resources specifically for UC Davis students and graduates. 

Our Approach

The route to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) can be confusing and time-consuming. Alternatively, finding a career in foods and nutrition can be daunting. We consolidated many resources so that you can find everything in one place and reduce the stress of your career hunt. We will have a Blog in the future, so stay tuned for its release!

Our Philosophy:

"Everyone, everywhere, deserves to be healthy.” 
   Alex Louis Stayboldt Bozzette (1990-2016)

We hope to make a difference in the public's health by easing the route to the RDN and Degreed Nutritionist positions.

About Us is for dietetics students and graduates pursuing careers in food, nutrition, dietetics, and health-related careers.

Joan Frank, MS, RDN, FAND has directed dietetics programs for 20 years and has advised over 2000 dietetics undergraduates on their career pursuits.

Quick Links

A few quick links to connect you to organizations and resources related to Dietetic Internships and careers in food, nutrition, and dietetics.

The regular updates are very helpful. They keep me on target during the DI application process.


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