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The Matching Process

Matching to a Dietetic Internship

NOTE: The Match will be discontinued beginning Fall 2024!

What is the Dietetic Internship match?

The DI match is the process in which DI applicants are "matched" to one of the internships they apply to.  Applicants apply through DICAS (Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Service) and D&D Digital runs the match. The match occur will occur in Spring 2024. 

How Does the Match Work?

1. You apply to selected DIs through DICAS (deadline February 15/September 25)

2. You rank the selected DIs through D&D Digital (deadline February 15)

3. DI Directors of programs to which you applied review your application February-March/ September-October and then they rank their top candidates (for example 1-30)

4. D&D Digital's computers match programs and applicants in early April

5. Applicants receive only one match or no match


Because the match process is extremely competitive, approximately 60% of applicants actually are matched to one of their selected DIs. In order for the match process to work, only apply to programs you are willing to go to. Turning down a match is highly discouraged and unethical as it reduces others' chances of matching to their top choices.

Link to D&D Digital

D&D Digital Matching Algorithm Explained

Academy resources regarding the match:


Which Programs Participate in the Match?

  • Most Dietetic Internships and Distance Internships

Which Programs Don't Participate in the Match?

  • Coordinated Programs in Dietetics (CP)

  • Future Education Model Graduate Programs (FG)

  • Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPP)

How Do I Rank Programs?

Rank programs in the order in which you would like to attend programs. Your first choice should be ranked first; don't try to game the system.

Things to consider:

  • Concentration

  • Location

  • Cost / cost of Living

  • Variety of rotations / rotations of interest

  • Number of weeks in clinical, foodservice management, community, etc.

  • Programs that best meet your short/long-term goals

Use Mind Tools' Decision Matrix Analysis to assist with the decision-making process. 

What is the 2nd Round and How Does it Work?

After the DI match, the 2nd Round opens within a few days. This gives applicants who didn't match a chance to apply to programs with openings. Programs fill up quickly, so applicants need to review programs with openings quickly. See the DI Matching Process below for the timing of the 2nd Round. It is not a "match" and one can be accepted to more than one program, unlike the match.

What are ISPPs?

During the 2nd Round Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPP) open up for applications. ISPPs are only available to apply to during the 2nd Round for unmatched applicants. ISPPs are offered by dietetic internships, didactic programs, and coordinated programs. See the DI Matching Process below.

Academy resources regarding ISPPs:

DI Matching Process

The matching process and what follows can be very confusing. We've outlined the process here to help you through the process.

        The Matching Process Spring 2024             A Timeline of the Dietetic Internship Match, Interim Selection, 2nd Round Selection, & ISPPs

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