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DI Application Process
Plan ahead and stay on track

Fall 2023 DI Application Checklist

Spring 2024 DI Application Checklist
* 2022-2023 DI Open House Listing (scroll down for Fall 2023) *

NOTE: the DI Match MAY be discontinued beginning Spring 2024!


How Does the DI Match & Application Process Work?

  1. You apply to selected DIs through DICAS - (deadline February 15/September 25)

  2. You rank the selected DIs through D&D Digital (deadline February 15/September 25)

  3. DI Directors of programs to which you applied review your application February-March/ September-October and then they rank their top candidates (for example 1-30)

  4. D&D Digital's computers match programs and applicants in early April/November

  5. Applicants receive only one match or no match

Additional Programs that don't participate in the Match (these have varying application deadlines):

  1. Coordinated Graduate Programs

  2. Future Graduate Programs

Checklists to Keep You On Track!

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