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After the DI - RD Exam

What happens next? The RD Exam and then employment as an RD!

2022-2026 RD Exam Study Outline

RD Exam Resources
Just a sampling of some of the exam prep resources available

Videos, Flash Cards, Calculation Worksheets, Practice Quizzes & Exams, and Live Classes

Comprehensive Study Outline, References, Study Tips, Print & Online Practice Exams

2-day Virtual Workshop, Review Manual, Practice Questions, Practice Eam

Seminars, Study Guide, Flash Cards, Online Exam

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics' prep course includes Flash Cards, Pretest Questions, Practice and Simulated Exams

Exam Prep Software including Study Materials, Flash Cards and Exam Simulations. DTR exam prep available as well

Review Manual, Virtual Classes or CD/USB, Practice Test Questions

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